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Hey everyone! This damn winter has been torture! Hope everyone is doing great and shaking off the ice.

I should have some updates shortly, sorry for the lack of new stuff!

ALSO:  If you want to have the latest access to my newest work as well as things going on with me, I am on instagram so search: redbreather and I will add you to the follow list!





Been a crazy hot summer, seems like my favorite time of the year ( fall) will never show up! Hope everyone has had a good time in the heat or staying cool in the heat at least. The shop has been very busy and it's been nice to see all the new clients this year,  as well as all my old friends and clients, thanks to everyone for stopping by!

I want to send a HUGE thanks to Dan Bushnell in Whitehorse, Yukon for being so accomodating during my guest spot up there, your shop is beautiful and clean and you are one hell of a great dude! I wanna send a big north of 60 special mention to Sarah, Mariah, Autiis ( sp?) John, and all of the other part-timers/ hang out crew at Molotov and Bricks Tattoo. You guys and gals were fantastic! Check the shop out

Last but certainly not least, I want to thank my old school connection Vivian for hooking up the trip out there, without her I would never have seen the beauty of that part of the world. Absolutely stunning! A massive thanks to you and Ryan and especially to the one who negotiated himself into my bed with charm...Otis the dog. I will miss you most good sir!

Thanks to Jay and Zaid in Vancouver for hookin me up for the few days before I flew home, PUNX!

Also.....on my way back to Whitehorse from having dinner in Alaska, I almost drove off a mountain because I had no visibility in the thick fog....which ended up actually being clouds because we were so high up. I probably wouldve had time during the fall to sing most of Staiway To was one hell of a deep ravine. Luckily I used my flat plains spidey-sense and we made it alive...

If you wanna know more, swing by the shop!

Enjoy the remaining hellfire summer!









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1170 Pembina Highway
(204) 284-7131